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We make no assumptions about our Scouts or their needs
We treat each of our Scouts and Members as individuals

Part of the spirit of our nondiscrimination policy is to not make assumptions. Even those who mean well and want to help can sometimes make assumptions and not realize they are doing it.

For example, the number one request of individuals who live with challenges is to be treated like everyone else.  They too want to play and explore and have FUN with their friends! three youth outdoorsThat is what each of our Scouts and Members want and we help make it happen.

Each of our Scouts is an individual and we treat them on an individual basis. The same is true for challenges.  For example, Autism can range from severe to being so light, there appears no difference between an Autistic individual and one without that challenge.  No matter what sort of challenge an individual has, we try our best to ensure their participation is valued and that everyone has a positive experience.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA do not presume.  We work hard to be the foremost member service oriented entity in the United States.  Our Scout Programs appreciate individual Scouts have very different needs and circumstances. We value our Scouts and Members as individuals worthy of respect and we treat each as a unique individual.  We try to bring out the best in everyone. We do so by helping to provide what our members need when they need it, and by asking them.

Adventure Scouts USA