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Present and Future

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA recognize that society often focuses on the future in regard to youth. Youth are indeed the future of our families and our nation; however, we also understand that the quality of a child's tomorrow often depends upon their choices today.

Our Scout Programs offer a comprehensive framework that appreciates our Scouts are not just the future; they are also a part of the present. It is their present, their use of time, and their choices that we enable.

Our Scouts' Todays and Tomorrows

We understand our Scouts yearn to get a jump on life and to choose their own path. Like all youth, our Scouts experience a desire to be older and have more under their own control. Though our Scouts might not realize the irreplaceable quality of this portion of their lives, we do. The Scout who brags about being six and a half will probably leave the half off when they are 43! This time of their lives is one when FUN and the joy of being a kid can take precedence over the serious matters of everyday life. We want all our Scouts to enjoy every moment of it.

We appreciate our Scouts live in the present while looking toward the future with a glimpse of the past. Our Scouts will play a role in history as heroes and heroines and in the continuing effort to discover new frontiers and to explore the final frontiers of Space and the Ocean. Participating in our Scout Programs take our Scouts far, although achieving their endeavors require effort on their part. We make their todays FUN and productive to improve the quality of their tomorrows.girl with balloons

The Future of Our Scouts

This is a unique period in history. Many of our Scouts span two centuries and two millennia, with some having one foot in the 1900's and the other in the 2000's. We therefore encourage our Scouts to think beyond their known horizons in an effort to ensure they are the ones creating the future. The world is smaller and moves faster than ever before and we want to prepare our Scouts for whatever the future will bring.

We help develop our Scouts' future by instilling in them universal values of the past, while giving their best in the present, to build a strong future. We encourage critical and creative thinking in our Scouts that can lead to resolution of the profound issues our society confronts. We encourage hope in every child. In addition, we affirm the value that all are welcome in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA. Together we are united and encourage you to join with us to be a part of the future.. After all, youth are our future and our present.

We value that our Scouts are not just our future; they are also a part of the present. We appreciate every moment of their time they spend with us; consequently, it is their choices we support.

America's future lies in the hope and promise of our youth,flag on building and of their aspirations being fulfilled. Investing in the present is investing in the future; our Scouts of today are the leaders of tomorrow.




Adventure Scouts USA