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Adovah is the concept of silent service
We encourage our Scouts to be of service to their community

We encourage service to the greater community in our Scouts, and we instill the concept of "silent service"

We pride ourselves on being inclusive Scout Programs and featuring elements in our Scout Programs from a variety of cultures, faiths, and worldviews.

Avodah is a Hebrew word.  One of its advantages is that it has no strict definition, and must be discovered by each individual.  However, it does refer to the concept of service without expecting anything in return - silent service.  little girl with big wheelbarrow

Our Scout Programs embrace the concept of Avodah because of the way our Scouts perform service to the greater community.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA believe that service to the greater community contributes to finding one's purpose in life.  It is by working with others and by service to the greater community one can meet new people, acquire new awareness, and acquire new appreciation and sensitivity for the circumstances or challenging situations of others.

The Scout Movement has always prided itself on being a Movement that offers service to others.  Making a difference in the lives of others enhances the life of our Scouts.  Participating in our Scout Program's national service projects also permits our Scouts to achieve and work on projects that exceed local communities.

We believe service to the community should not be done on a mandatory basis but rather from the heart.  Rather than mandating a specific number of hours or tracking the community service hours of our Scouts, we encourage our Scouts to help others within their community and participate because they want to, not because they have to.  Therefore, we do not count their hours.  What our Scouts' hearts say is far important than what their watches say.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA appreciate that every effort helps and therefore encourages projects which are age, size, and scope appropriate to our Scouts and teams.  For example: Our Rising Star Scouts contribute to their community by collecting and donating some of their toys to other children.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage our Scouts and Counselors to participate in the overall betterment of their community.  Our Scout Programs encourage the acquisition of the skill of fostering friendship.  By developing and fostering friendship with others our Scouts improve the strength of their communities.  For instance, we encourage our Scouts to welcome and befriend new students at school.  Also, when one of our Scouts observe a fellow student of theirs sitting alone in the school lunchroom, they are expected to sit with them or invite them to sit with their friends.

The Avodah concept of quiet service helps our Scouts live a life of purpose while benefiting their entire communities. 


Adventure Scouts USA