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Our Scouts are a force for good

We encourage more participation in the Scout Movement

Our Scout Programs understand our responsibility to our Scouts


The Scout Movement is a force for good: a movement of individuals dedicated to living their lives in an honorable way via the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Motto, and Scout Spirit. Scout Programs and Scout Organizations are dedicated to the mental, physical, and a spiritual approach to life of individuals. The history of the Scout Movement goes back to Baden Powell and beyond, to many individuals who helped form the Scout Movement and who were themselves Scouts.


We are a Proud Part of the Scout Movement


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA understand we have a responsibility, both to our Scouts and to the public. As the newest Scout Programs in the United States, we shoulder the history of the Scout Movement as well as our determination to have unique, modern activities. We have created Scout Programs that are just that: programs that live up to the well-known reputation of the Scout Movement. We know, appreciate, and act upon our responsibility to uphold what is best about the Scout Movement. We embrace the new without throwing out the old, and in the process, achieve the best of both.


The word “Scout” has meaning to so many people. three youth hikingTo some it means an army Scout, exploration Scout, or an Indian Scout. These pathfinders were resourceful, skilled, and keen observers of people and nature. Today, there are millions of individuals who take part in the Scout Movement all over the world, and there are many millions more who have taken part in it when they themselves were youth. The very term “Scout” brings a smile to people’s faces and has a meaning that individuals are a part of a movement dedicated to helping others, self improvement, and a belief in something greater than oneself. “Scout” also brings to mind high safety standards, outdoor programming, and wholesome, youth-oriented adventure, and FUN. Parents have been entrusting their children to the Scout Movement for over a century, and we know we have the responsibility to live up to a mighty reputation.


We feature in our Scout Programs many of the activities that have defined the Scout Movement for years. We feature outdoor activities that exceed other programs to instill true proficiency in outdoor skills in our Scouts. Our Scouts become proficient in first aid, a skill that will continue to serve them and those around them for the rest of their lives. We instill in our Scouts confidence, responsibility, self-esteem, and caring. We enhance the good character of our Scouts as instilled by their parents. We are dedicated to the creation of whole people – Scouts who can become constructive, resourceful members of society. Our Counselors and Team Counselors are at the disposal of our Scouts and members, giving their best while encouraging our Scouts to do the same.


We are Unique


While we uphold what is best about the Scout Movement, our Scout Programs are unique, and we appreciate we have a responsibility to the youth of today by offering modern programs and activities with a modern understanding. Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities by voting via the democratic process.


Our Scouts have the freedom of choice to personalize their Scout experience, and they are empowered to make good choices both for themselves and for others. Our Scouts make decisions via consensus, meaning they discuss the issue until all agree. It becomes immediately clear to our Scouts it is in their best interest to make decisions that enable themselves and their fellow Scouts to safely have FUN. Our Team Counselors and Counselors are always on hand to step in if even for a moment, safety becomes an issue, or if needed for guidance, however whenever possible, we allow our Scouts the first chance at solving their own problems. How are young people to learn how to make healthy choices if they are not given the opportunity to practice doing so? Because we treat our Scouts with the respect due all persons, they pay us back each time they make responsible choices. We develop the leaders of tomorrow and we take it seriously.


We are also the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States, and we are co-ed. We do not play favorites and say “yes” to one child and “no” to another. We are a mainstream Scout Program, but we go out of our way to include those who may not have been able to be Scouts before. If a Scout uses a wheelchair, we find a way to make sure they can participate. If a Scout cannot afford traditional participation, we make sure resources are sought. We make sure all youth get the chance to participate as members of our Scout Programs on an equal footing, and get the opportunity for their personality and character to shine, regardless of their circumstances. The greatest gift we give all our Scouts is the opportunity to form happy childhood memories, build lasting friendships, and improve their lives, whatever their circumstances.


And all our Scouts benefit from meeting and interacting with those who differ from themselves and acquiring the knowledge that kind ness and tolerance, though they cannot be taught from a book, are perhaps the greatest wisdom of all. In a race, all our Scouts make it to the finish line. It does not matter if a Scout is challenged, or if they make it to the finish line 60 seconds or an hour.three boys running on a track We support all our Scouts, and we are happy to get out there on the track with them and give them the motivation to keep trying. It does not matter how long it takes. We are happy to wait. And when that Scout makes it to the finish line and has that sense of achievement that perhaps they never experienced before, we know the glory of that moment will be with them for a lifetime. We are happy and honored to have been allowed to be a part of it.


All are welcome to join the brotherhood and sisterhood of our Scout Programs.


A New World


We are Scout Programs for the new millennium: taking the best of the Scout Movement on a democratic and inclusive basis to all who want to participate. Join us as we create a new world, one in which every youth can be a Scout. We give every kid a chance.

Adventure Scouts USA