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Parents want to spend quality time with their children, but it can be difficult to find any time at all in the busy, modern world. Mom and Dad get home from work late. Mom rushes to quickly get dinner ready. Alexis is emailing a friend in from school, while Max is playing a video game online. Then, Max has soccer practice, and Alexis has ballet. Modern families seem to barely have time to pass each other in the hallway! We help families spend real time together by making it effortless.


Quality Time


Quality time is an often misunderstood phrase. Many people view quality time as scheduled time with their families in which they throw a baseball back and forth for a set amount of time. It is very important to spend time participating in activities as a family, but that is not quality with kite


Quality Time is time spent together and there is no time limit. It can be driving in a car together, going for a walk, or just sitting in the same room. Quality Time can be a discussion or activity that happens by accident simply because of interaction. For example, Mom sees Alexis reading her English book and shares a time when she was giving a book report herself and tripped on the way to the front of the room! Quality Time is made up of moments, moments that could never have occurred if families were not together.


We Make It Easy


Because we are inclusive and co-ed, the whole family can participate in our activities. We provide FUN, age appropriate activities for Scouts, siblings no matter their age, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We provide Scouts an opportunity to interact independently with other youth, while they also have opportunities for quality time with families.


Examples of activities in which families can spend quality time:

  • Building and racing soap box derby cars
  • Building and racing Rocketship Rally rockets
  • Family camping trips
  • Pizza baking night
  • Bowling night
  • Website creation nights where one and create their own website
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