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We Are For Somebody’s Only! PDF Print E-mail

The world seems to be made for somebody’s only.  No matter who we are, it seems there is always a group we cannot join, a level we cannot reach, a restaurant we cannot get into…the modern celebrity-centric world seems to revolve around who is “good enough” to get in and who is not.teens want you to join


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA decided to solve this problem by making sure only “somebody’s” could get in.  Luckily, every person of good will is a somebody to us!  Every youth who wants to join to have FUN is a somebody, every youth who was rejected by other programs is a somebody, every youth who wants to make a difference is a somebody, and every parent doing their best to raise a decent person and a responsible citizen is a somebody.


Part of the Scout Promise is that each Scout recognizes that they are unique.  Each of our Scouts is a different person with different needs.  We value each Scout, each member, and each family as a part of our family.  We recognize that each Scout is a unique person with their own qualities.  Every Scout can be the best they can be.  Every Scout will not have the same abilities, but no matter what the Scout’s ability, each Scout can progress and each can do their own personal best. 


Each of our members is a winner and a somebody, and we look forward to meeting the somebody who is you!

Adventure Scouts USA