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The Luminary Award is awarded to those to inspire others

One Scouts from each team once a year will earn this award for extraordinary achievement


The Luminary Award is an award presented to a Scout from each team once a year who demonstrates the qualities of a Scout to an extraordinary level.triumphant youth


Traditionally, luminary means a person of brilliance or extraordinary achievement, a person who is an inspiration to others, or also the two brightest bodies in the heavens observed from Earth – the Sun and the Moon.


A luminary in our Scout Programs is indeed a Scout who is an inspiration. There are no special criteria for this award, only a consistent demonstration of the qualities of a Scout.  According to our Scout Code, a Scout is:


A Good Person;
A Good Citizen;
A Good Friend and Brother or Sister to all Other Scouts;
Honest and Respectful; 
Responsible and Caring;
Loyal and Ready to Help.


A luminary consistently demonstrates these attributes.  A luminary demonstrates good character and regularly earns recognition for going above and beyond giving their best on Challenges.  Those who earn The Luminary Award must consistently prove they are guiding lights for the rest of our Scouts, leading by example and demonstrating all the attributes of a true Scout.


Our luminaries burn so brightly, they allow us all to follow them to living a life of purpose.

Adventure Scouts USA