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Adventure Scouts USA and Athletics PDF Print E-mail

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA have several things in common with athletics. We instill in our Scouts the attributes of leadership, honesty, trustworthiness, and determination.

As in athletics, our Scouts are part of a team. They feel connected because all the Scouts work together for the benefit of the team. Just as in sports, our Scouts feel immediately bonded to their team because they all wear the same uniform and participate with the same Scouts.youth playing soccer


We Build Self-Esteem


Our Scouts participate in sports, and always give their best. We understand the importance of winning and of competition. However, where we diverge from some athletic programs is our concentration on fair play and everyone playing for an equal amount of time. We are proud members of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition, and the only Scout Programs which are a member, and we encourage good sportsmanship.


Our Scout Programs employ the building blocks of self-esteem: such as making sure all our Scouts participate, all cross the finish line, and putting the emphasis on our Scouts safely having FUN, rather than winning at all costs. If your child wants to have FUN, they will have FUN here. If your child is not a joiner, they will find others like them here. If your child wants to play sports, but may not have a high skill level, they will play and have their confidence built up rather than torn down. If your child has a high skill level and wants to play the game they love, and have their skills enhanced.


Our Scout Programs encourage every Scout to give their best and compete while making sure all are treated with basic respect and given a chance. It does not matter what your skill level is, you have the opportunity to be the star of your team in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.


Team Picture


One attribute of team bonding we feature is the team photo. Our teams have a team photograph taken a photograph of the individual Scouts. Pictures not only provide the opportunity for Scouts to feel like part of a real team, they offer something real for our Scouts to look back at in many years and remember the good times they had with their friends.

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