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The word honor means moral identity.  It is defined as positive ethics and a view of self that we do the right thing.  It also means to value very highly.the word honor


In the Scout Program of Adventure Scouts USA, our Scouts honor their country as part of their Scout Promise.  Our Scouts honor their country by placing the highest value on their contribution as citizens and as part of an extended community.  Our Scouts participate in the democratic process by voting to choose their own activities and adventures.  We encourage our Scouts to work within the process to assist their family, friends, and community.  Our Scouts truly can change the world.


During team meetings, time is set aside for Scouts to share their feelings about America.  In the Best of America portion of the team meeting, Scouts comment on what they believe is the Best of America.  Best of America allows our Scouts to talk about what they think is best about our country.  During this section, a Scout can tell a story, sing a song, perform a story, or speak from the heart regarding what they believe is the Best of America. 

Washington Monument


Our Scouts volunteer at the polls where allowed, earn Challenges related to society and government, and pursue the Congressional Award.


Our Scouts value highly their country and their opportunity to serve their greater community.

Adventure Scouts USA