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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA use tools to help our Scouts succeed, and one of them is P.O.L.E. P.O.L.E. stands for Plan, Organize, Lead, and Evaluate.


P.O.L.E. in Our Scout Programs


P.O.L.E. is a tool used by our Scouts during their activities. No matter what our Scouts choose to do, it is easier and more FUN if they employ P.O.L.E. first. Employing P.O.L.E. does not have to be an official activity. In fact, many people basically go through these steps automatically. We spell out each step to make it easier for our Scouts to accomplish. Below are the desirable steps to planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating.




Plan is the first step in P.O.L.E. It is important for Scouts to have the time and resources to plan. Planning ahead of time can prevent problems from happening at the event. Time allows our Scouts plan things they may not have foreseen. two boys working togetherFor example, Scouts may know they need a Greeter to meet guests, but they also need to be sure the Greeter knows to arrive early and the Greeter’s parents know they will need to make sure the Greeter is there on time if they are driving, and make sure it fits their schedule.




Scouts need to make sure they are organized prior to an event. Scouts need the time and resources to organize. For example, if Scouts are planning a dinner, they need to be sure ahead of time that every Scout knows what they are responsible for. Some will shop for food, some bring plates, some beverages, and ice, etc. Scouts need to know what they are responsible for, have the petty cash to buy what is needed, and arrange transportation to the market.




Our Scouts will need to take on leadership skills in planning in event. For example, if a Scout goes to the market and has carrots on the list, and the store has no carrots, what should the Scout do? In some organizations, an employee in that position would call their boss and report there were no carrot and ask what they should do now.boy standing on a rock triumphant Their boss may not be available to come to the phone, which means they will have to wait and may have to leave the market and come back another time. We enable our Scouts to take on leadership in everything they do. Our Scouts would simply buy broccoli instead because it is a reasonable substitute.




After the event, our Scouts evaluate the process to discover if it can be streamlined. If a part of the process did not work the last time, Scouts will know not to repeat it. It is through continuous improvement that our Scouts become skilled in whatever they choose to do.

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