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Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang except those that sang best.
- Henry Van Dyke

We ask all our Scouts to participate and always give their best. What we offer in return is a safe environment in which our Scouts can be who they are without judgment.

It does not matter if our Scouts have never been camping, have few outdoor skills, or have never been part of a youth program. We offer our Scouts the opportunity to learn from and support each other. teen doing karateOur Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities. From investment ceremonies to the Did and Do portion of the team meeting, evaluated by other Scouts, our Scouts are in charge of their Scout Programs and are able to craft the type of Scout Programs they would like to be a part of.

By doing this, our Scouts not only learn the advantages of consensus, in which they discuss the issue until they all agree, our Scouts get the opportunity to help each other rather than to be in competition with each other.two boy participating In other Scout Programs, adults make the choices and the Scouts compete against each other. In our Scout Programs, our Scouts make the choices and they are able to help each other succeed, since our Scouts compete against themselves rather than each other.

When participating in our Scout Programs, we ask our Scouts to always give their best and participate. We ask our Scouts to:
  • Try an activity to see if they like it before choosing not to participate
  • Respect themselves and each other
  • Respect the environment
We promise to never ask our Scouts to do anything they cannot do, and to never ask them to do anything we will not do ourselves. Our Scouts’ safety is paramount, secondly, we want them always be having FUN and building memories.

Our Scouts are free to be themselves and have FUN participating in the activities they have chosen.

Adventure Scouts USA