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One of the negative attributes of the modern age is that people seem to care less than ever before.  Good manners seem to be entirely a thing of the past, and whether it is road rage or poor servicemishandled box and angry customer, we have come to expect disappointment in our interaction with most people and organizations.  

Our Scout Programs are thoroughly modern, but we have held onto the better attributes of the past, such as instilling in our Scouts the importance of trustworthiness, kindness, caring, honesty, and good character.


We Mean it


When we say we are inclusive and go the extra mile to include everyone, we mean it.  When we say our programs and activities are modern and genuinely FUN for our Scouts, we mean it. 


Dream More


We include programs that enable our Scouts to dream up their own adventures, such as our Dreams Come True program, and that help our Scouts be more knowledgeable about their faith or worldview, such as our Religious Appreciation Program and Ethics Appreciation Program. girls rollerblading We feature programs and activities that support our Scouts physically, mentally, and spiritually.


We Do More


Our Scout Programs are interactive and challenging.  Both on a team and individual basis, our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.  While many of our activities are more demanding and thought-provoking than others, we have developed modern Scout Programs which are especially attractive to youth, with an appreciation for the differences in location and unique qualities each of our Scouts possess.  We desire our Scouts to do more than mere memorization and instead, be able to analyze circumstances and information, and be able to use their resourcefulness to solve situations.

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