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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are nonpolitical. We do however make sure our Scouts teams govern democratically.




The world “rule” can potentially sound negative to people, and for many, the automatic reaction is “I don’t want to follow any rules.” But the truth is it would be impossible to ever play a game or have any FUN at all without rules. Could you play baseball if there were no rules, no way to count runs, and everyone was running around the bases backwards?boy who plays baseball Rules are necessary to creative and critical thinking, and to having FUN.


Rule of law is a cornerstone of functioning societies and of democracies in general. Rules which fail to take into the account the desire of the people are rules which are not democratic however


Our Scouts govern their teams democratically and they create their own Team Constitution and By-Laws. And our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities, enabling them to have say in their own rules so they are fair to everyone. We enable our Scouts to personalize their Scout experience.


If our Scouts find that policies like nondiscrimination are not being followed properly on their teams, they have the responsibility to advise us so we can act.


Our Scouts also get the opportunity to evaluate their Team Counselors and Counselors. If a Team Counselor is always voted as a favorite, we want to know.young man with face painted


Our Scouts have the ability and the responsibility to govern their own teams and their own Scout experience.


We expect our Scouts to take personal responsibility for themselves, and to some extent, for their fellow teammates and the rules they are expected to live by.

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