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Empowerment has become a popular term in the modern business world.  Empowering employees, empowering communities, and others has become common phrasing, however empowerment usually means a little bit of say so has been granted, but someone else still in charge.


We take empowerment to a new level however.  When we say empowerment, we do not mean allowing some of our Scouts some say in their adventures.  All our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their meetings, programs, and activities.  We have empowered our Scouts by putting them in the position of decision makers.  From how the meeting room is set up to which weekend activities to participate in, our Scouts make their own choices. Team Counselors aboxernd Counselors are always on hand to ensure health and safety and to guide our Scouts when necessary toward positive decisions, but it our Scouts who are the CEO’s of their own teams.


Teams have a Scout Leader, who is elected via democratic principles and closed-ballot voting.  Our Scouts set up their own meeting room and make decisions such as the content of meetings.  Our Scouts run their own meetings and if they would prefer to participate in one meeting-long activity, that is what they do.


The kind of empowerment we provide our Scouts encourages them to develop confidence, self-esteem, and get a taste of what the adult world is like and what it is like to be responsible for making their own decisions. 

Adventure Scouts USA