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America is not an exclusive society, and we have crafted our Scout Programs to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  America is comprised of those of differing identities, such as different heritages, beliefs, cultures, and customs.  Our population continues to become more diverse.  We operate our Scout Programs within the American Spirit, and we value the wonderful diversity that is one of the attributes that makes our nation so great.  Knowledge and appreciation of different cultures will become more important rather than less in the future.


Participation is valued and suggestions always appreciated.  We are consciously efficient and prudent with all resources and financial support.  At the core of our efforts is the development of modern FUN activities for our all Scouts and Members.  These activities are offered to all our Scouts, and their leadership on a meaningful non discriminatory basis.  We always value the content of an individual’s good character.  All our Scout adventures are full inclusive.


Open Hearts, Open Membership


diverse youth

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are for every child, every family, everywhere. 


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are committed to inclusion in all forms and equality in practices and policies.  We integrate equality into every part of our Scout Programs, at every level, in every resource, practice and policy.     Our Scout Programs are designed to include all those of good will, and we make sure everyone who wants to participate can do so.  If one of Scouts is challenged and needs additional resources in order to participate, those resources are sought. 


Since the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are inclusive and bridge every community, our Scouts have the privilege of working together with those from differing backgrounds and life experiences.  Our Scout Programs encourage teamwork and yet favorably encourage each of our Scouts to confidently be themselves although they are part of a team. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA have created a safe welcoming environment for all.  “You can participate” is something our Scouts will  always hear.  If we have 15 Scouts and each sports team is supposed to have seven players, then one team will have seven, and the other will have eight.  Everybody plays.  We appreciate the importance of identifying and developing alternative ways to encourage the participation of all.  We believe in giving your best and we believe in the joy of winning, however, we also believe FUN is the name of every game, and it is most important to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to participate.


Real Diversity Means Differences Are Celebrated


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA support parents in their efforts to give their children pride in their heritage and hope for their future.  We are an equal opportunity program, and fully nondiscriminatory; therefore, differences are valued and appreciated.  We have created an environment where all are encouraged to participate.



Our Scout Programs value diversity and provide our Scouts the opportunity to develop their talents in an inclusive environment.  We celebrate our differences rather than denying their reality.  Every member of our Scout Programs is treated as an equal and with respect.  While our Scout Programs are inclusive and we go the extra mile to include everyone, we also celebrate the differences between our Scouts.  Our Scouts broaden their horizons by interacting with Scouts of differing backgrounds, identities, and circumstances.  We are proud of the knowledge our Scouts acquire by participating in FUN activities with other Scouts.  The Amish can build a barn in one day that will last 300 years – because they do it together.  Since our Scouts come together to be a force for good; there is nothing they cannot accomplish together.


We Leave No One Out


When prosperity includes even those with less, the satisfaction is all the greater.  Our Scout Programs celebrate inclusion, and no one is left out because they cannot afford traditional participation or require accommodation.  Consequently, our Scout Programs are inclusive and do not isolate those who have different qualities.  Our Scout Programs treat everyone with profound respect and dignity. family We believe each and every one has a right to achieve an earned destiny, of their own choosing, which is dependent upon their unique abilities, talents and the content of their character.


Our Scout Programs are inclusive and welcoming of all, and we challenge stereotypes by encouraging non-bias in our Scouts.  We have created a safe environment where each of our Scouts is individually valued and considered unique.  We encourage the participation of those with varying abilities, such as those who are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged on a mainstream basis, and by doing so provide to our Scouts meaningful opportunities for shared experiences with others different from themselves.  We have developed programs that encourage everyone to feel safe and included. 


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA  are a modern, co-ed and accepting of all.  All of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are co-ed, and consequently everyone enjoys equal opportunities.  Our Scouts have the opportunity to discover teamwork and leadership by playing all of the characters in the action hero portion of our program.  In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA Jasmine and Justin both can be pirates.  A challenged Scout can be an astronaut.  There are no limits to the imaginations of our Scouts, therefore we never place limits on their potential.


No Scout stands alone in our Scout Programs.


Our Scouts Embrace Inclusiveness in Their Lives


Our Scouts understand each one of them is an action hero, by their having the responsibility to act when they see someone being treated unfairly in our Scout Programs, and by their helping others.  They develop in themselves the values of justice, fairness to others, and inclusion.  Consequently, our Scouts appreciate the value of having principles and of sticking to them.  Our Scouts use these values to make their own decisions, as an individual and as a group, and by their participation in service to the greater community.


While our Scout Programs have policies and guidelines, our spirit of inclusion is always relevant.  As our Scouts determine their identity and discover their real passions, they are certain to develop more superhero like attributes and to act as action heroes.


Our Scout Programs are Inclusive in Operation


We are inclusive in our standards of membership, participation, employment, and awards. We also encourage and welcome participation from the greater community.  All those of good will who wish to participate in whichever way they choose are welcome. Inclusion clause:


The Spirit of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA is its inclusiveness.  All are welcome to apply for Membership within the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  While we reserve the right to regulate the type of ones participation, we are open to all who undertake the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Spirit, and Scout Motto of our Programs, and who are accompanied by an open heart.  Our Scouts and members are accorded equal treatment in personal achievement recognition, leadership positions, and participation and in any other form now established or in the future established.

Adventure Scouts USA