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Success is something almost all people want, and something we wish for our Scouts.  But success has many different definitions.  Traditionally, success can mean money, the perfect career, and a lot of material possessions.  We certainly encourage our Scouts to reach for the stars and make all their dreams come true. However, it can be difficult to be fully happy however when people do not share what they have with others.  We encourage our Scouts to discover the kind of success possible when they live a life of purpose by sharing their life with others.


Our Scouts Know Real Success


Physical, mental abilities and economic status are not the best determinants of success.  Rather, success is relationship-oriented.  We encourage the creation and the valuing of relationships with friends and family. family on vacation We encourage service to community and the honoring of country.  A life filled with empathy for others and integrity while looking for the best in others better leads to happiness.  Our Scouts get the opportunity to meet other Scouts who come from differing families and ethnicities, who may have differing challenges.  Our Scouts discover the secret to real success by interacting with each other.


Focus on Personal Development


Our Scouts think big and consider what they can do to improve the world.  We encourage playing a part in something bigger than one’s self and belief in something greater than oneself.  We encourage individual and team cooperation that yields more than individual effort.  We focus on personal development and on the values of good citizenship and of service to others.


True success is tangible for our Scouts because they develop the knowledge of how to be happy, functioning people, and that is to be of service to others.  Our Scouts gain true success when they give their best for the benefit of others.


Give Your Best


The motto of our Scouts is “Give Your Best.”  We chose this motto because we believe that giving your best is the truest demonstration of character.  Our Scouts have different levels of ability.  Some already have experience with sports and outdoor skills, and others do not.  Some have aptitudes on a particular subject, and others do not.  In addition, some of our Scouts have challenges they struggle with everyday.  However, everyone can give his or her best.  Giving Your Best is central to being a hero.




Anyone can be a hero!  Each of us has the opportunity to act heroically on behalf of others and some of us require heroic fortitude to just get through a situation. hero Every school day, youth are in a position where they have to deal with peer pressure and potentially the taunts of others.  Our Scouts are heroes everyday when they stand up for themselves and each other and they Give Their Best.

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