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Our Scout take part in a contest to create the best Adventurer costume and story




Adventure is one of the central themes of our Scout Programs.  Whatever else our Scouts are doing, most of all, we want them to safely have FUN.  That is why we are holding an Adventurer Contest!  The Contest is open to Scouts and adult members alike.youth dressed as zorro


Contests are held locally and the winner goes on to district, regional, and finally national levels. We may base a uniform on the design winners!  The Contest has three parts:


Best Adventurer Costume


Our Scouts and adult members dress up as whatever they consider the quintessential adventurer.  Whether it is an astronaut, an explorer, an archaeologist, or whomever our Scouts want to dress up as, our Scouts and adult members are free to choose the personality and the outfit of what they consider an adventurer.  We encourage creativity.  Our Scouts and adult members should feel free to be original and come up with their own designs.  There is a winner for Best Adventurer Costume for Rising Star Scouts and one for North Star Scouts.


Best Adventure Story


Our Scouts and adult members invent the best story of adventure they can think of.  The story can be about any character or adventurer they want.  We encourage creativity and originality.  The story can be written out, video taped, acted out, computerized.  There is a winner for the Best Adventure Story for Rising Star Scouts in each category of written out, video taped, acted out, or computerized presentation and a winner for Best Adventure Story for North Star Scouts in the same categories.


Best Adventurer and Adventure Story


We also have a category of the contest which combines the best adventurer costume with the best story.  The character and their story should match up.  We encourage originality and creativity.  The adventurer and story can be geared toward Rising Star Scouts or North Star Scouts.  There is a winner for Rising Star Scouts and one for North Star Scouts.  The presentation should include who the character is, what kind of costume chosen, what the story is about, and which Scout Program it is geared toward.

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