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Our Scouts and Veterans PDF Print E-mail

Our Scouts honor and appreciate the sacrifice made by veterans who have served this country to ensure the freedom and safety of us all. We want our Scouts to have the opportunity to interact with veterans. There is so much our Scouts can learn about responsible citizenship and personal responsibility from those who served our country, and so much for the veterans to share about their own adventures.

Scouts plan, organize, lead, and evaluate the program. Our Scouts invite the veterans to an interactive learning session. We prepare a basic lesson plan for the veterans to present. One or two veterans will sit at each table, with several tables around the room. Each table will give an interactive presentation about one of the essential freedoms we hold dear.girl with flag

Aside from acquiring additional knowledge about our freedoms, the true value of this program is that our Scouts get the opportunity to meet and interact with the veterans. We encourage spirited discussion. The veterans get the opportunity to pass on what they have learned to the next generation, and our Scouts get the opportunity to ask questions of the veterans.

This program is not a military recruitment drive. Our Scouts get the opportunity to better understand that they significantly owe their freedom to those veterans who fought bravely for us all.

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