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Ethics are important in our Scouts’ lives

We offer an Ethics Recognition Program to our Scouts

The criteria are decided by Ethics-based organizations


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA offer an Ethics Appreciation Program.  Completion of the program entitles our Scouts to be presented with an award recognizing their efforts.


We know ethics is a  very important part of the lives of our Scouts.  We provide our Scouts the opportunity to learn more about how character counts in their life in order to help our Scouts live fuller, more meaningful lives and have more enriching adventures.youth connected


We are interested in improving and enriching our Scouts’ lives, therefore we partner with parents and develop alliances with Ethics and governmental institutions and educational and community organizations which value ethical conduct.  Our partnerships and alliances permit us to work together toward achieving common goals.  Youth benefit when we all work together for their future.


We encourage learning for learning’s sake.  Learning is a lifelong process, and learning more about one’s ethics can help our Scouts live a life of purpose.  When our Scouts develop an improved understanding of how ethics and character count, they value them more.


The Ethics Appreciation Program


Ethics Appreciation Programs are created by individual ethics organizations for our Scouts.  All criteria and curriculum are determined in consultation with ethics organizations, such as CHARACTER COUNTS!. 


Ethics Appreciation Programs can vary in length from a couple of months to a year or longer depending upon the age, grade, and prior knowledge of the Scout.  They become more comprehensive as our Scouts get older and learn more.


Program Qualifications


Our Scouts can participate in our Ethics Appreciation Program and Religious Appreciation Program.  However, they may only be presented with the award from one of these programs as a Scout of each of our Scout Programs.  For example, a Rising Star Scout can only be presented with either the award of our Ethics Appreciation or Religious Appreciation Program.  As a North Star Scout, they can then be presented with one or the other of the awards again.  The Award Program requirements are different for each of our Scout Programs.  Therefore earning the award s a North Star Scout would require completely new comprehensive requirements.


Earning an Ethics Award


Our Scouts contact our national office to obtain materials.  Our Scouts move through the curriculum under the guidance of an Ethics Program Counselor.  Scouts abide by the criteria in order to complete the program.  After the program has been completed, an Ethics Appreciation Award is presented to our Scouts in a local ceremony.


Ethics Appreciation Ceremoniesgirl lighting candle



Ethics Appreciation Awards are presented during a ceremony. Other Scouts, Team Counselors, and of course multiple generations and extended family members of our Scouts attend.

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