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Our Game Plan for Life enables our Scouts to create a map by which to lead their lives.

Our Game Plan for Life enables our Scouts to identity and track their progress 

Our Scouts are encouraged to Give their Best.  We view our Scouts as whole people and provide them challenging activities purposely intended to appear straight forward, although they are not.  Our Scout Program activities challenge our Scouts with concepts that interact with each other and are FUN.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are on the cusp of innovative youth programming.


These concepts include practical and thought provoking opportunities for their self-discovery.  As comprehensive, modern Scout Programs, we take the universal values of the past and combine them with cutting-edge programs and activities our Scouts want to participate in today.  One of our innovations is the Game Plan for Life.  The Game Plan for Life is a map our Scouts create by themselves for themselves to plan their adventures.  Like pirates or treasure-hunters of old, our Scouts use their map to hunt down treasure.  But the treasure is not silver or gold; it is a life of purpose lived on their terms.


It honors that little voice inside each of us that says, “I am me.  I am important.  My life touches your life and the lives of so many others.  Watch me grow.  Maybe, by my example, you can grow too.”


Getting in the Game!


In life, there are those who sit on the sidelines and those who get into the game. youth playing basketball We want everyone in the game, and we encourage our Scouts to get off the bench and get into life.  Like making a three-point shot in basketball, success takes some planning however.  We offer our Scouts the opportunity to create a Game Plan for Life that is a collection of their dreams, aspirations, goals, earned personal achievement, leadership positions held, and where they seek to improve.


Our Scouts also have the opportunity to identify personal characteristics they possess which can help them determine their choice of college or university and job or career.  The Game Plan for Life enable our Scouts to individually identify, develop, implement, and track their progress.  Scouts have the opportunity to establish goals and aspirations both within the Scout Programs and their personal lives.  Short, medium, long term and life long goals and aspirations as a part of this program can be determined by the Scouts.  In addition, the Scouts write a Plan for Life and a personal Declaration.  We encourage parents to spend time with their child using our Game Plan for Life to provide a natural way to spend time together.


The Game Plan for Life encourages our Scouts to think about their past, present and future.  It also encourages the Scouts to think about who they are, what is important to them and what motivates and excites them.  This program permits our Scouts to view in one place periods of their life.  It also provides periodic opportunities for them to consider whether the direction of their life should change.  When our Scouts determine they are happy with the direction of their life, we encourage them to live each day with passion and with a spiritual approach to life.


Most of the information for this program is contributed by the individual Scout, on a continuous basis.  Since the information is located within one place, the Game Plan for Life provides our Scouts, Parents and Team Counselors the opportunity to accurately consider the abilities and talents of the Scout.  Rather than only when a Scout initially joins one of our Scout Programs.  To achieve maximum value the Game Plan for Life is intentionally developed for lifelong use by our Scouts.


We value each of our Scouts as unique and therefore it is our desire to avoid categorizing our Scouts.  We are aware of the reality most people, including youth, and even our Scouts, are focused primarily on living for today.  Therefore, it is our intent to offer our Scouts the opportunity for them to discover relevant information about themselves appropriate both for today and the future.  Consequently, the assessment tools provided as a part of this program are designed to offer suggestions, promote thinking and discussion rather than to provide specific answers.


Participating in our Game Plan for Life allows our Scouts appreciate the activities, opportunities, relationships, aspirations and goals they value.  Subsequently, they also identify either what they do not value or do not want to value.  mapUltimately, an intent of this program is to develop and implement a map for life which our Scouts can use to point them in the right direction.

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