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Our Scouts participate in activities which benefit them in the future as well as the present.  One of those activities is the Entrepreneur Seminar Program.  In this program, our older Scouts (14+) get the chance to meet and interact with community leaders and other “movers and shakers” in their community. 


An Entrepreneur is someone who takes the initiative to start a venture, which although it has potential, involves risk.  Our Scouts meet with business leaders and community leaders who have taken the risk to create something new.  Our Scouts get the opportunity to acquire knowledge from some of the most successful people in their community!  youth shake hands


Interactive Seminars


The Seminar our Scouts attend is an interactive session in which our Scouts acquire new information via learning-by-doing.


A group of no more than 10 Scouts meet with a particular Entrepreneur once a week.  The next week, the Scouts meet with a different Entrepreneur.  Over the course of 4-8 weeks, our Scouts meet with a different Entrepreneur every week, allowing them the opportunity to meet many people and acquire a lot of new knowledge.


Contacting Entrepreneurs


Our Scouts choose the Entrepreneurs they would like to meet with.  Similar to the Activity Buffet, a Scout volunteers to telephone the chosen Entrepreneur, making it clear when the seminar is, where it is, and exactly what is expected of them, such as an interactive discussion.  The initial call should come no less than 4 weeks before the date the Scouts would like that person to lead their Seminar.  Obviously, an Entrepreneur is busy!  Scouts contact all the Entrepreneurs they want to meet with before the Seminars begin and set up a schedule so the Scouts know the days and times they need to be available.




The advantages of this program are that our Scouts interact with successful people who have achieved a great deal in their lives.  Whether it is a business leader or a someone who had dedicated their life to community service, our Scouts get the chance to acquire knowledge directly from the source.  The Scouts have an opportunity to better appreciate how good character and ethics play a part in the success of the entrepreneur.  This program also provides our Scouts with the opportunity to make valuable contacts in community among those who make hiring decisions and are in a position to give our Scouts advice on what they need to do to succeed in a particular field. 

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