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We encourage financial responsibility in our Scouts

We offer a variety of programs to help them acquire knowledge of financial responsibility


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA want our Scouts to acquire knowledge of financial responsibility and develop the resourcefulness and knowledge they will need as adults.  Our Scouts’ financial education has several parts:  our Scouts get the chance to hold a job for a day, shadow a person with a job they would like for a day, and get exposure to basic financial training.  We also offer the Star Stocks Program, which is a fantasy stock trading program, and the Star Savings Club, an opportunity for our Scouts to start a saving account.  We demonstrate that financial education can be FUN and adventurous too!girl dressed as doctor


Job for a Day


In our Job for a Day Program, Scouts choose a career or job to hold for a day.  The choices are up to the Scouts and their potential employers.  Imagine the opportunity to explore a chosen profession as a Scout!  Our Scouts are passionate about many subjects from skateboarding to nature, and get to experience what it would be like to be employed doing what they love.


Shadow for a Day


As a “Shadow for a Day”, our Scouts get the opportunity to follow around and help out the person holding a job they might like to have someday. 


Who Scouts shadow is up to the Scout and the person they will be shadowing.  They can choose any position they want, from a professional skateboarder to the principal of their school.


Scouts can choose whatever they like, from assisting fire personnel, to assisting at their favorite amusement park, to assisting a paleontologist at a natural history museum. 


Financial Education


In our effort to help our Scouts develop into whole people, we provide our Scouts with needed information in an exciting way, FUN with a purpose.  One of the ways in which we help our Scouts is to find gaps in their education and discover a FUN new way to fill them. 


Our Scouts meet financial advisors, insurance professionals, bankers, and other experts to instill financial responsibility in our Scouts through learning-by-doing.  Sessions are action-oriented, impressing upon our Scouts the necessity of financial responsibility.


Star Stocks


Part of the financial education we encourage in our Scouts is the Fantasy Investing Program.  We give our Scouts a certain amount of “play money” and they choose stocks  in which they can invest that “money.”  The way the game works is that Scouts choose their stocks and the amount they want to invest.  Every day they check whether their stock went up or down and by how much.  They calculate whether they lost or gained, and then have the freedom to buy or sell as they choose.


The Star Savings Club


In the Star Savings Club, our Scouts get the opportunity to start a savings account at a local bank.  The Star Saving Kit includes information about participating banks, Welcome Letter, the Star Saving Creed, a Star Saving Membership Certificate, a calendar, a plastic star-shaped bank (or other bank when available), and stickers showing the Scout is a member.

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