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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA offer a Religious Recognition Program, in which our Scouts can be recognized for greater appreciation of their faith. Our Scout Programs emphasize living a life of purpose.


We know faith can be very important in the lives of our Scouts. boy in nature thinkingWe offer our Scouts the opportunity to learn more about their individual faith in order to help our Scouts live fuller, more meaningful lives.


We are interested in improving and enriching our Scouts’ lives, therefore we partner with parents and develop alliances with religious and governmental institutions and educational and community organizations. Our partnerships and alliances permit us to work together toward achieving common goals. Youth benefit when we all work together for their future.


We want to encourage learning for learning’s sake. Learning is a lifelong process, and learning more about one’s faith contributes to living a life of purpose. When our Scouts learn about their faith, they come to appreciate it more.


The Religious Recognition Program


Religious Recognition Programs are created by individual faiths for our Scouts. All criteria and curriculum are created by each individual faith.


In some faiths, boys and girls and adults may participate in the same program, and in other faiths, boys or girls participate in separate programs. young man readingLikewise, some faiths require their youth or adults to be active members of a particular congregation, while other faiths do not. Guidelines are dictated by each faith.


Religious Recognition Programs can vary in length from a couple of months to a year or longer depending upon the age, grade, and prior knowledge of the Scout. They become more comprehensive as our Scouts get older and learn more.


Earning a Religious Recognition


Scouts contact their individual faith to obtain materials. Contact information is available for each individual faith on our website or we can be contacted for more information. Our Scouts move through the curriculum under the guidance of a religious leader. Some faiths require a pastor, priest, or rabbi to sign off to indicate each part of the program has been completed. Religious instruction always comes from a religious leader, never a Team Counselor. Our Scouts abide by the criteria of their individual faith in order to complete the program. After the program has been completed, arrangements are made to schedule a ceremony to recognize the efforts of the Scout or member.


Religious Recognition Ceremonies


Religious Recognition Awards are presented during a ceremony in the church, temple, or synagogue of our Scouts. Details of the recognition ceremony are spelled out by each individual faith; however, usually they are presided over by a religious leader. menorrahOther Scouts, Team Counselors, and of course multiple generation and extended family members, as well as members of the congregation attend.




The P.R.A.Y. business office is an interfaith resource which provides pamphlets, religious awards, and information about earning religious recognition.. We work with P.R.A.Y. to enable Religious Recognition Programs for our Scouts.


The Religious Recognition Programs in Our Scout Programs


Our Religious Recognition Program enables our Scouts to learn more about and be more appreciative of their individual faith. The Religious Recognition Program is earned either as a part of our personal achieve ment program or separately.

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