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One of the programs we give our Scouts the opportunity to participate in is the Inventor Program.  We know our Scouts have great ideas and dreams for the future.  The inventors out there among our Scouts get the opportunity to show off their ideas and incredible creations while having FUN.


We have all, at one time or another, wondered why life could not be quicker or easier, and wondered if we could come up with a way to improve life.  Maybe our Scouts want to investigate a new fuel source, a craft that can explore Mars, or just build a better mousetrap.  Any one of our Scouts could be tomorrow’s Einstein.  We offer all our Scouts the opportunity to shine.young man chemist


As with all our meetings, programs, and activities, our Scouts choose their own invention.  Many Scouts, embracing our inclusive nature, choose to invent things to help the elderly or those with challenges.  Inspiration can come from anywhere – from a challenged Scout on their team to a long-held desire to solve a particular problem.


The Inventor Program is similar to a science fair.  Scouts compete against Scouts on their own team, and then the winner competes against other winners on teams in the area, then the competition becomes regional, and eventually national.  Winners are recognized at each level. 


We know our Scouts have both the desire to help and the intelligence and creativity to move mountains.  Take your shot at our inventor program!

Adventure Scouts USA