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When we were children, we did not dream of being accountants, bankers, and real estate agents.  We dreamt of saving people from burning buildings, walking on the Moon, and riding our horses into the sunset.  Most people end up giving up a dream or trading it for another one.  Our Scouts will go on to do many things in life. Whether it is for a day or for a lifetime, our Scouts deserve the chance to live their dreams exactly as they imagine it, with the fragile child-like wonder that rarely survives adolescence.  Whatever our Scouts’ dreams, whether it is becoming a real cowboy or standing in the spotlight, our Scouts have the opportunity to make that dream a reality.


Everyone has a dream, a wish. joyful youth Something they wish they had gotten the chance to try just once.  Who knows, it might have been a career choice or inspired a new life, or maybe it just would have been FUN.  We want our Scouts to look back and remember the FUN, fantastic adventures they had, rather than the chances they did not take.


Come Live Your Dream


Our Make Your Dreams Come True Program is a program in which we help our Scouts make their dreams a reality.  The program is around 5-6 weeks on length.  This program is not mandatory; it takes a special kind of Scout to take part in this program, one with a lot of determination.  We do not do the work for our Scouts; we pair them up with a mentor who can help them achieve their goal, but our Scouts have to put in the effort and there is no guarantee of success.


For example:  If Alexis wants to be a ballerina, we would introduce her to a local ballet coach who would work with Alexis to make her a ballerina, little ballerinaand she would get her moment on stage.  We cannot give Alexis grace, talent, or determination.  Alexis has to make the commitment and work hard.  We lend encouragement and give her a chance.  A chance to be what she always wanted to be. 


If Matthew wants to be a cowboy, we would introduce him to owners of a ranch.  He would be taught how to ride a horse and how to herd cattle.  Matthew gets the chance to go on a real cattle drive!   It may be for a day or a lifetime, but Matthew will get the opportunity to be what he always wanted to be.little cowboy


Sometimes a Scout will have a bigger dream, such as going on Safari, and the community will need to come together to raise funds and help make the dream possible.  That is also part of our goal – we want our Scouts to get up from in front of their TV or their computer and go out into the community.  Our Scouts go out into the world and bring their skills and experiences back to their home towns.  Our Scouts can transform their communities, one step at a time by bringing people together and through their service to the greater community.


Scouts contact their potential trainers and coaches themselves.  They get names and phone numbers from referrals from Team Counselors, Counselors, and parents.  They can also find information in the phonebook.  It would be helpful to a team to have a contact in the community, someone who knows many people and can make helpful suggestions to our Scouts.  Team Counselors and Counselors may be these people or may know who in the community may be able to help.  We do want our Scouts to contact the person because they build confidence and public speaking skills by doing so.  Their passion is also quite persuasive; no one can get across what their dream is and how badly they want it like they can.


Moments and Memories for a Lifetime

 These are the memories which last a lifetime and the moments people never forget.  By providing our Scouts with the opportunity to make their dreams come true, we contribute to their future as well as their present.  There is nothing like the smiles on our Scouts’ faces as they make that dream a reality.  Our Scouts may pursue their dream just for FUN or ultimately turn it into a career.  We turn dreams into reality and reality into adventure. 
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